Our 1st furbaby: Lexi’s Adoption Story

After we moved into our apartment in October of 2014, we started discussing rescuing a dog. We were checking out some shelters online but had never been to one to see any dogs in person. Ian’s parents were in town for about 2 weeks before Christmas and Ian was working at Target at the time. One day while he was working, his mom suggested we go to the local SPCA just to look at dogs. We found our local SPCA, the SPCA Tampa Bay, and drove over.

We talked to the people at the front desk and they pointed us in the direction of the kennels housing the dogs and puppies available for adoption. Ian’s dad headed to the cat room, but his mom and I continued on to the rooms with dogs and puppies. We walked in and up popped this adorable dog in the 2nd kennel.

I immediately fell in love. It was love at first site for us. I stayed at her kennel for the longest time petting her, talking to her, reading about her,and taking many many pictures. Ian’s mom tried to get me to look at all of the other dogs she liked, but I was hooked. I loved Lexi so much I was sending pictures to Ian and texting him every detail.

The adoption person at the SPCA told us if I really wanted her to come back as soon as they opened in the morning because she would be gone quickly. After leaving the shelter we went to visit Ian at work. His dad decided to tease him by putting dog stuff in the cart to make him think we got the dog without him. He was not happy with us. But we had a good time. (See below pictures from Ian’s parents trip from the week we got Lexi).

We explained to him all about Miss Lexi and how she and I had an instant bond. So he agreed to go see her the next morning and see how he felt about her. We got their early enough and she wasn’t adopted yet so we saw her, read all about her, and the adoption people let us take her out to this fenced in yard to play with her. I then saw that Ian fell in love with Lexi as she was running over to us and would get excited with all the attention we gave her. She was so excited in the yard, ran to us when we called her, and she knew all of her basic commands. Plus she loved to run. It was a no brainer for us, we needed to make her ours.

We had absolutely no intention of getting a dog when I walked into to the SPCA that day. But Lexi chose us, and we were going to make her ours. We met with the adoption lady and finalized the adoption! Lexi was our new furbaby and we couldn’t be more excited. We were not ready so we bought a collar and leash from the SPCA to get her home. On our way home we stopped at Petsmart to get the rest of our doggie supplies : bowls, a bed, toys, food, etc.

We had a great 1st night home. Lexi fit right in. She slept, got lots of love, and explored. (See our first family photo below). Lexi’s first toy was Santa, she absolutely loves it and plays with it year round. I mention this because you may see her with it from time to time.

The next day we took Lexi to the dog park and her 1st beach trip. Those adventures sealed the deal that she was perfect for us and that we would have many more adventures to come with our new pup.

Since her adoption, we have taken her on many more adventures including the Riverwalk in Tampa, the beach, kayaking, trips to my grandparents, dog parks, pet stores, Lowe’s, and more. Lexi was our 1st baby and is the sweetest, happiest, calmest, stretchiest, and best 1st pup we could ever ask for. This blog will let you see all the adventures Lexi will go on moving forward.

Stay tuned later his week to hear about Lexi’s new little sister, Aurora, and her adoption story!

Written by: Kate


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