Furbaby #2 : Aurora

Written by: Ian

Why did we decide to get another dog? Well, when we adopted Lexi, her paperwork said that she came to the SPCA with her sister Luna. However, Luna was adopted before we found our Lexi. About a year ago we began dog sitting dogs in our house via Dog Vacay. Dog Vacay is a service that allows dog owners or dog friendly people to watch other dogs in their home, rather than boarding dogs at a kennel. Each dog sitting adventure for Lexi was enjoyable for us as parents. We watched as she ran, played, and loved each dog we watched. It was heartbreaking for us to see Lexi become sad when she had to say goodbye to the dogs. This experience and the fact that she had a sister before we rescued her let us know that Lexi was in need of a doggie sister.

We searched for months to rescue a golden retriever, my favorite dog breed. Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful in our efforts. We both agreed that we needed to broaden the search. So we decided to look at multiple rescue places near us here in Florida and even near Kate’s family in New Jersey.

We fell in love with the Suncoast Animal League (SAL) as they did not house any rescues in shelters. This rescue organization relies heavily on foster parents who would take in rescues and love and nurture them until they found their forever homes!


We watched their website and Facebook page for months and attended several of their adoption events for any dog that was suitable for our little family. Finally one day, Kate saw they rescued a pregnant dog that was a German Shepard-Golden Retriever mix and the puppies father was a husky so the puppies were German Shepard-Husky mix puppies with a bit of Golden Retriever (see pictures of the puppies and Aurora’s mom below). Kate showed me the post and pictures of the newly born pups, and we both loved the pups.

These puppies gained a lot of interest (over 200 people). Due to the extreme number of people and the mix of German Shepard and Husky in the pups, the SAL decided to use an application process for the puppy litter to place these dogs in the right home. So, we filled this application out, it involved essays, past experience with German Shepard or Husky experience, if you already owned a pet, if your yard was fenced, etc. Sometime went by, but one night we receive a call around 9pm saying that we were finalists to rescue one of the puppies in this litter we were 1 of 12 chosen to be considered to adopt 1 of these 8 puppies puppies. Kate almost fell out of the couch in excitement. She was speaking so fast to Ian (who at the time had no idea who the call was from). I was in disbelief, I never thought that we would be chose. I had told Kate to fill out the application to make her happy and thought that we’d never get picked.

Two days later, Kate received an email explaining that we were picked to adopt 1 of the 8 puppies and they dog they chose for us was a dog named Sasha (see the email and her picture we were sent below). She was so fluffy and cute that we were ready to take her home instantly. After the initial excitement wore off, Kate read the rest of the email that explained that we could meet and take the puppy home in 2 days. We cleared our schedule and bought small toys and few other things in preparation for our newest family member. We were afraid to buy too much in case Lexi and Sasha did not get along or there was some form of issue in the adoption process.


Two days later, on a Saturday, we packed up Lexi and went to the PetSmart in Clearwater that hosted the adoption fair for the SAL We both looked at each other before we got out of the car to meet our newest family member excited and nervous. We walked in the store and our hearts melted as a little fluffy black, white, and grey dog came running towards us and Lexi. Then this small puppy ran back towards a group of other puppies to play and jump and bite each other. One of the foster parents picked up the original puppy and asked us to sit on the floor. We sat, played, talked, and fell in love immediately with Sasha. Lexi sniffed and looked Sasha and they seemed to get along fine. At that moment, we knew this was it. Sometime later, we both got up and began the adoption process.


We discussed that we would changed the name from Sasha to Aurora. The name represented her Alaskan heritage of the Husky breed, is a meteorological phenomena (since we both studied meteorology), and is a Disney princess. We loved that we were able to chose a name with meaning. From this moment, the little furball became our Aurora that we have loved since that first email letting us know that she was ours.

We look forward to watching Aurora grow, watching her and Lexi bond, and sharing it with all of you. I’m glad to know that you are all willing to take the adventure with us as she grows with us and Lexi, learns her commands, and becomes the best dog she can be!


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