One sick puppy…

Written by: Kate

No one likes when their loved ones are sick. Unfortunately, dogs can’t tell us what’s wrong. Aurora got very very sick on Monday and ended up in the doggie hospital for pretty much the whole day. It all, started at 5am Monday morning when the sounds of Aurora throwing up in her crate woke us up. She ended up throwing up twice between 5 and 6 am. Since Ian had not left for work yet, he took care of Aurora. Shortly after, Ian had gone to work and put Aurora back in her crate to try to let me get some more sleep. Aurora ended up throwing up again. At this point I was up. Between 7 and 8 am, she basically threw up every 20 minutes. She was not holding down food or water. We got pretty worried since she would not stop so we called the vet who told us to bring her in.


I took Aurora to the vet and in the time we were waiting to see the doctor she had thrown up in 2 exam rooms and we were down to the last clean room. The vet ordered X-rays to see if she ate something we missed and if the foreign objects were in her stomach. I sat and waited in the exam room for her and could hear her crying in the back which was difficult to listen to. The vet came in and said the X-rays showed no foreign objects, but her stomach was dense. They explained that since it was dense, there may be something in there that the X-ray couldn’t pick up or it was full of fluid. Their treatment plan at this point was to admit her and start an IV since she was severely dehydrated, anti nausea meds to stop the vomiting , and a barium test to check if she had something obstructing her stomach. We were iffy about the barium test since initial X-rays did not show anything, but she threw up 3 more times during her initial X-rays and the doctor explained that the fact that she kept throwing up even with nothing in her stomach was concerning and at this point she would do it regardless.

We went ahead and signed all the papers for the barium test. She was admitted and got all of her meds and her IV. After the anti nausea meds kicked in, they gave her the barium to make sure she could hold it down and did a series of X-rays every hour until 5pm. The series of X-rays were done to see how the barium flowed through her body to make sure there were no obstructions. Everything flowed right through like it was supposed to and as the day went on she began to perk up and gain energy. In fact, the vet told me she ripped out her catheter once and chewed her IV twice. I met with the doctor at 5:30 and they said that the most likely explanation was that she ate something that she couldn’t digest properly so her body’s reaction was to throw up to get it out but it was not coming out. Then the barium pushed whatever it was through her stomach and into her colon with the barium (that’s where the barium was supposed to end up, so this was a good thing). The end result,was that our little girl should start to feel better soon.


The vet explained her after care of a bland diet for 5 days, light food last night and today, 2 medications for the 5 days, and rest for the remainder of the night with a follow up appointment today. Last night we got home and gave her the medication and a little bit of food and water and she actually held that down!!!!!!! She was still super tired and not herself, but she didn’t vomit and had normal bodily functions so that was an improvement for us. Lexi was excited to get her little sister back. Aurora slept through the night and got another dose of medication this morning, a little bit more food and water, and she held that down too. And more exciting than that…..she is back to being herself playing toys, trying to make Lexi play with her, and trying to get mommy’s food. We just got back from our vet appointment and the vet says she looks great. She is hydrated, no fever, and her stomach looks and feels normal again. She told us to keep her bland diet and medication going through the weekend and start to increase her food with her dinner serving tonight and back to full amounts of food tonight.

We are so grateful for the amazing staff at Royal Pets Vet Center and their care for our baby girl. I am so glad we switched to them for our vet before this happened because they are the best vet I have ever been too with a dog and I’ve had a dog in my life for my entire life. Thank you Royal Pets and Dr. Gallo! We are so glad to have our Aurora back to normal and back to her crazy puppy antics. A special thank you to every one who sent their thought and well wished our way throughout the day yesterday. We appreciate everyone’s support and care for our family!

Check back later this week for another post about our furbabies and their adventures!


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