New experiences, lots of love, and growth

Written by: Kate

Welcome back Tail of Two Puppies readers! Sorry we have taken a two week hiatus from our posting. We normally try to post at least once a week to get you our doggie stories, pictures, and adventures but things have been busy around here with some serious yard work, crazy work schedules, and me finishing up my thesis and getting things ready to go for graduation in May. Thanks for being patient!

So what has been going on with our pups these last 2 weeks! Well, 2 weeks ago Aurora got to take a trip to Mom-Mom and Zsa’s (Zsa is my grandfather) house for the day. Lexi knows our Sunday routine and was super excited to go to Mom-Mom and Zsa’s, but Aurora has not learned this routine yet since we have only been there once since getting her due to crazy schedules, sickness, and company being in town. We took Aurora there 2 weeks ago and she got to enjoy the lanai and explore the area for the first time.

Both dogs loved being outside all day long. Lexi enjoys sunbathing while Aurora enjoyed laying on the mat by the door or behind the chairs in the shade. Aurora also was quite curious about the pool. We really thought she would be in it by the end of the day so Ian was ready in a bathing suit just in case she jumped in. We know Lexi loves to swim and loves swimming in the Gulf of Mexico, but not so much in the pool. We have tried having Lexi swim in the pool before and she swims fine but panics because she doesn’t understand how to get in and out from the steps and tries to climb out the side. Aurora did not go in that day but its only just a matter of time. They both also enjoyed that to go potty they get to take nice long walks since Mom-Mom and Zsa live on a golf course and have no backyard, but they love the extra walks. They had a great day at Mom-Mom and Zsa’s house!

Last weekend we had some firsts for Lexi as well. I was working at my computer and threw a tennis ball for Aurora to play with and Lexi went and chased it and picked it up and started playing!! Now you are probably thinking “big deal a dog played with a ball….”, but it is a big deal because we have tried to get Lexi to play with tennis balls and other balls before and she is not at all interested. She usually just watches them roll/bounce away. Well, not anymore! She played ball throughout the rest of the day. Then I took them outback later and the day and she did another first and picked up a stick, walked around with it, and then laid down and chewed on it. She never chews on anything but toys. I think her sister has been teaching her some new tricks! She even plays toys a lot more now, I think she just needed someone to teach her how. We are beginning to  think that in her home before we adopted her she either didn’t have toys or was not allowed to play or something so she needed her sister to teach her how to play.  Don’t worry I made sure to take pictures and videos because I knew my family and Ian would not believe me. Check out the pictures below for yourself! The video is posted on our Facebook page : Tail of Two Puppies Facebook Page go check that out for this video and other videos and pictures of Lexi and Aurora.

Aurora also had a first last weekend when both dogs got groomed. They get themselves all dirty playing in the backyard and needed their nails cut so we took them to Royal Pets for a grooming. The groomer there did a great job. Both girls came back pretty, smelling nice, and all trimmed up and clean. They even got cute little bandannas.


After all the excitement of going to Mom-Mom and Zsa’s, learning how to play with a ball and chewing sticks, lots of running around the yard, exploring the new yard work, and getting groomed, Lexi and Aurora have been spending their down time napping together all over the house. These two are best friends now.

Our final change in the last two weeks is how much Aurora has grown. Look at that growth spurt in week 14!


I hope you enjoyed our update on our dogs adventures, new experiences, and growth over the last two weeks! Don’t forget to check out our Tail of Two Puppies Facebook Page for frequent video and picture updates and check back here at our Tail of Two Puppies Blog for past blog posts and another post later in the week!


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