When the family visits the pups….

Written by: Kate

Sorry for another long break between posts, but things have been crazy once again. Some was the good kind of crazy with having family in town. Lexi and Aurora got a visit from my parents and sister (Pops, Nanny, and Aunt Jo). My family already loves miss Lexi and were excited to meet Aurora for the first time. Everyone had a great time with the pups and everyone loved meeting Aurora and watching her and Lexi play. Aunt Jo even took a turn in Aurora’s crate and loved all the puppy kisses and getting climbed like a jungle gym.

Not only did Aurora get her first experience with Pops, Nanny, and Aunt Jo, but Aurora also had her first experience in Mom-Mom and Zsa’s pool. Aurora was not too sure about the pool. She is curious about it every time we visit Mom-Mom and Zsa’s, but she did not like swimming in it too much. Aunt Jo took her in and let her swim to the step to get out. She only did it once, she was not afraid but did not love it either. Check out the Tail of Two Puppies Facebook Page for the video of Aurora’s first swim. We can’t wait to take her to the beach and see if she likes swimming in the Gulf of Mexico.

Lexi has swam in Mom-Mom and Zsa’s pool before too, but she also does not like it. She panics and swims to the side instead of going to the steps. But, Lexi loves swimming in the Gulf of Mexico and going to the beach. So we are curious to see if Aurora likes it too.


These pups loved having family in town. They got lots of extra treats, lots of attention, and lots of naps/cuddles with Aunt Jo.

They are in for more family adventures next week when Aunt Mel visits and then in the end of March/early April when Ian’s parents come visit.

Not only did they have a great time with family over the last few weeks, but Aurora has been experiencing some serious growing. Check out Aurora’s growth in the last 3 weeks too! She sure is growing fast!


Keep checking our blog for more puppy stories, and our Tail of Two Puppies Facebook Page for pictures and videos. Don’t forget to follow our blog and join our email list to get email notifications when we have a new post up!




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