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Exploring new dog parks one at a time

A few days ago we decided to start trying out new dog parks in and around St. Petersburg. Our typical dog park is Crescent Lake Dog Park in St. Petersburg.


There are some things we love about this park. First, there is a lake in the center of the park. It gives us a nice view while walking and playing with the pups. Second, we like to take walks with our dog here and the walking trail goes along the outside of the lake and the loop is marked with mile markers. The loop around the park is 1 mile. Crescent Lake Dog park also has  2 fenced in areas for dogs to play: 1 for small dogs (under 20 pounds), and 1 for larger dogs (over 20 pounds). What’s nice about the big dog area is that it has the area to get your dog in and take the leash off before you enter the area with the other dogs. In the fenced in area there is also a water bowl that you can fill like a water fountain. Another nice feature is that in the exit area there is an area to hose down your dog if they get too dirty.

Now for our dislikes. First, you have to park on the street and it’s hard to find parking sometimes. Second, all of the ducks/geese that people feed so sometimes they are aggressive and “hiss” at you (plus they leave poop everywhere that you have to walk around….). We also do not like that part of the walking loop are on a busy street, but we walk the inner loop to avoid that area.

We tried a new dog park this week : Enterprise Dog Park in Clearwater. This dog is different than your typical dog park. When you get into the park, the whole thing is open. There is no separate areas for dogs of different sizes. What’s really interesting and unique is that the park is huge, and all fenced in. This park has walking trails that you can walk with your dog off leash, a big area when you first walk in for dogs to play, and a separate fenced agility area/obstacle course area.


We loved the openness to it with no separate areas for dogs of different sizes. This was great for us since Aurora is still little weighing in at 16 pounds, while Lexi is bigger at 41 pounds. At most parks, this would mean Lexi and Aurora would need to be in separate areas but that is not an issue here. We also loved the that we could walk trails freely with our dogs and there were water stations in a few different areas. Lexi ad Aurora did not really use the agility equipment/obstacle course but it was a nice touch to the park.

There were a few things that we did not like. The parking lot is a big issue. It is a very small lot for such a large park. Another dislike is that the park is all sand, shells, dirt, mulch, etc. with only a little bit of grass which makes for dirty dogs but there is a wash station outside the park, but then you have a wet dog in your car. Overall, we really liked this new park. It was different and nice for us to walk with our dogs off leash. Lexi loved it and we got to work on some training with Aurora.

Stay tuned for more dog park reviews in the next few months and other stories about our pups and don’t forget to check our our Tail of Two Puppies Facebook Page for pictures and videos of Lexi and Aurora!


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