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Another day, another dog park

With having a lot of company in the past few weeks, the dogs have been left home alone a little longer than usual while we go out and about with family that has been in town. The girls loved their visit with Aunt Mel. They got lots of love, treats, naps, and cuddles.

After Aunt Mel left so we decided to let them have another adventure at another local dog park. This adventure took us to Freedom Lake Park (Freedom Lake Dog Park) in Pinellas Park. This park is also situated around a lake (like Crescent Lake Park mentioned in our Exploring new dog parks one at a time post from earlier this week). The park has playgrounds, picnic areas, pavilions, exercise equipment, walking trails, 2 lakes, grills, a Korean War Memorial, and the dog parks. There are two areas for small dogs and one for bigger dogs. Both areas feature obstacle/agility type equipment, water fountains, and larger fenced in areas.

freedom lake dog park.PNG

The pros about this park for us are the large fenced in areas, the hose station to clean off your dogs, the location, and the walking trails. Compared to other parks we have visited and mentioned in our Exploring new dog parks one at a time post (Crescent Lake Dog Park), this dog park has larger fenced in areas for the dogs to run and play. Outside of the fenced in areas, between the small dog and big dog spots there is a station to hose down your dog. This is a plus since the fenced in areas are a mix of grass and sand. In our visit today, Lexi and Aurora got pretty dirty with sand and dog slobber so they got hosed down until we could get them home for baths.


The location in Pinellas Park off of 49th Street by the on ramp to US 19 N is a great location and it’s about 5-10mins from our house. The walking paths go around the two lakes so you get a great view. Around the walking paths are doggie waste stations and trash cans. Finally, everyone (humans and dogs) that we met tonight were very friendly. Lexi and Aurora had a great time playing.

There are a few cons about this park in our opinion. First, there is not too much parking. Second, the walking path near the lake closest to the dog parks is a small loop so we do not get as much walking in as we would like unless we do a few laps. We also didn’t like the mix of dirt/sand/grass since the dogs got dirty quick. The beginning where you enter the fenced in areas are sand, then farther back is grass. (See the large dog park area below)


We decided that for walking purposes we like Crescent Lake Dog Park since the walking path is a big loop and the mileage is marked (it’s a mile long loop), but for the dogs playing in the dog park fenced in areas we like Freedom Lake Dog Park. Check out our previous post Exploring new dog parks one at a time for our thoughts on Crescent Lake Dog Park and Enterprise Dog Park. Stay tuned for our next post on our latest adventures!


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