No sleep…..

Hello again Tail of Two Puppies readers. Since our last post, we have a doggie visitor in our house. We are watching our friend Leigh’s dog while she is away at training for work (check out her blog here: As the compass turns).


Lexi and Aurora love having Daisy around. These 3 have enjoyed running, playing, sleeping, cuddling, and just having more dogs to play with. Daisy might need a doggie sister after such a long stay with my girls.

Last night we had our hands full with these 3. We have been monitoring the potential for storms Wednesday night into Thursday for about a week now. But, the storms came at the worst time for us, early morning Thursday. When we saw the timing of the storms was supposed to happen between 4 and 6 am, I knew we were in for a rough morning. The storm ended up giving us over 2 inches of rain, so all of their worrying was not over just a little storm.



We took the dogs for an almost 2 mile walk after dinner to tire them out in hopes of making dealing with the storms easier (look at the pictures from after our walk below). We even went to bed early to make up for the sleep we were going to miss.


The storms moved in right on time. Lexi and Daisy woke me up at 4:05 am in fear of the storms. Lexi is terrible in storms. She shakes, whines, cries, jumps at the door to get out, scratches us to get our attention, runs around, jumps on and off the bed, she is truly terrified. Aurora, luckily, does not seem to mind. But, she thinks big sister Lexi is trying to play so keeping her from bothering Lexi more and trying to keep her calm is difficult with all the chaos. Lexi and Daisy squeezed themselves in the smallest spots near us to try to feel safe.


We have tried almost everything to calm her in the past. We bought a thunder shirt, tried the wrap with a t-shirt, she likes getting in the bath tub during bad storms so we would sit in the bathroom with her, shut the blinds to try to hide the lightening, turn on the TV to drown out the sound of thunder and nothing works. But, recently, thanks to my parents and a dog groomer we have 3 solutions that work pretty well.

Here are our tips to help a dog that is afraid of storms:

1. Our biggest help and favorite go to storm remedy is Bach Rescue Remedy . This product is great! It is all natural and comes in drops and spray. Lexi does not like the spray, it scares her (I think its because she is already scared and now we are spraying stuff on her nose or in her mouth). So, we use the drops. When we know it is going to storm, or there will be fireworks, we give Lexi a few drops right on the top of her nose and she licks it off. You can also put the drops or spray in their mouth, but prying her mouth open to do so makes her anxious but she tolerates the drops on her nose so thats what we go with. These drops are a life saver. They calm her down within a half hour and then we can get some relief.

bach rescue remedy2. A leash. Now I know this one is strange but hear me out. One day when my parents were in town, we were walking Lexi in downtown St. Pete and it started thundering and lightening. Normally, Lexi would start freaking out. But, she did not. We determined she was fine because she was on the leash. So the next time it stormed we tried it and it worked! It seemed to calm her down. I have no idea why but my thinking is that with the leash on she knows she will be close to us and we won’t leave her alone in the storm.

3. A dog groomer we used once had issues with Lexi being afraid to be groomed, shaking and crying like she does in the storm. We explained to her that Lexi is very skittish and does not do well with storms and loud noises (we think the dryer is what scares her). The groomer told us that for her dogs and also dogs she grooms like Lexi, she puts cotton balls in their ears and it drowns out the noise. She did this with Lexi and it worked. We did it during a storm once and it worked pretty well, until she shook her head and the cotton balls came out. This trick may work better for some dogs than others.


Even with all of these tips, we still put the thunder vest on just in case that helps even a little. Lexi gets so scared that we are willing to try anything. The sun is back out, so these dogs can relax and enjoy the sunshine and cooler temperatures today!

If you have any tips or tricks for dogs that are afraid of storms let us know! We are heading into the rainy/stormy summer season in Florida so we need all of the help we can get. Leave your trips/tricks in a comment or this post or leave us a post or message over at our Tail of Two Puppies Facebook Page. Check that page for more pictures and videos of the pups while waiting till our next post later this week.


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