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Sunday funday at the dog park

Sunday was another beautiful day here in St. Pete and what better way to spend it than exploring a new dog park. This week we spent our Sunday at Helen Howarth Park in Pinellas Park.

helen howarth park

This park was nice and close to our house. The park is unique because it features an equestrian center and an equestrian trail. The 60 acre park also features 3 lighted little league ball fields, a score keeper/concession building with bathrooms, 12 lighted racquetball courts, 2/3 mile nature trail, 2 volleyball courts, playground, and 7 picnic areas with tables (no reservations needed).

Helen howarth park 2.PNG

We only really explored the dog park area of the park though since Ian had to go home to do some work stuff, but the rest of the park looked great from what we could see.

The dog park area, like most, have small dog and a large dog areas. When we arrived (around 4pm Sunday), we were the only humans and dogs at the park. But that quickly changed. Right outside of the fenced in areas is a doggie waste station which is a nice touch. It helps keep people accountable to pick up after their dogs since there is no “I don’t have a bag excuse”. We did not notice any doggie waste laying around.

We loved how big and open the fenced in areas. The large dog area was bigger than the small dog area which is true in most places. Both had trash cans, benches, trees, and cute decorated fire hydrants. Both areas are mostly grass which is great so your pups don’t get too dirty. There is also a water station and water bowls/buckets for them to drink from. The only downside is that the area around the water station gets muddy, and of course Aurora laid right in it. But, the large area makes up for it.

17887506_10211195783504173_647058758_o.jpg17901868_10211195783464172_498075025_o.jpgOnce the other dogs showed up we liked the park a lot more. The space was so big that Lexi and Aurora got to run around like crazy. Plus, the area is big enough that if you or your dog need a break from the craziness that can sometimes happen at dog parks you can move to another area for a break. That happened when we were there. There was a dog named Jake who was afraid of other humans and a lot of humans came when a big family arrived and the kids kept wanting to pet Jake. So Jake and his family moved to another area within the large dog fenced in area to give Jake a break. We were not there for too long since it was hot and our dogs were clearly hot. There was not much shade so Lexi kept standing in a small spot between the bench and the fence for the little bit of shade that the bench created.

Overall, here are our thoughts on this park.

Pros: large fenced in areas, mostly grass, doggie waste station, water station, benches for the humans.

Cons: muddy area near the water station, not much shade (at 4pm anyway), water buckets were too big for little Aurora to be able to drink from, only 1 actual water bowl.

Regardless of how we felt about the park, Lexi and Aurora had a great time and were worn out. We went home and I started making dinner and they decided to lay in the kitchen with me to cool off and hope that I dropped some food for them.


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