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Here comes Peter Cottontail

Happy Easter Tail of Two Puppies readers! We hope you all had a great day with family, friends, and loved ones. We had a weekend full of family fun after a crazy week.

Ian worked a lot of overtime this week so we decided to squeeze in as much together time as possible. Ian was supposed to have off Friday, but ended up having to go to work so, me and the pups soaked up the sun outback to start off our holiday weekend.

17966093_10211225953738410_8995642028375403195_o (1)

On Saturday, we headed to the beach for the day. We went to Fort DeSoto Dog Beach (check out our previous post All you need is a beach and your dog(s) to check out our thoughts about Fort DeSoto dog beach). The pups had a great time swimming, running, playing, and soaking up the sun!

After the beach and bath time, these two were exhausted. We sat outback when we got home and enjoyed the beautiful breeze. Lexi and Aurora were too tired from the beach to enjoy the backyard like we did. Aurora even slept on my legs like a goofball on the couch before bedtime.

Today the dogs had new excitement, it was Easter! They started their holiday with a special breakfast of scrambled eggs and playing with the new toys that my parents and sister (Nanny, Pops, and Aunt Jo) sent them for Easter.

Then, it was time to go to Mom-Mom and Zsa’s to enjoy another sun filled day. But first, I tortured them with taking Easter pictures outside in front of the house.

Once the picture session was over. We were off! The girls enjoyed their holiday with extra treats from Zsa, sitting poolside, playing with Aunt Maritza, Uncle Paul, and cousins Nate and Maya, and of course watching the golfers.

As an added bonus, we got my Aunt who has a photography business (check out her Facebook page here: Maritza Newell Photography) to take some awesome pictures of us. I have no decent pictures of our little family since adding Aurora to it, so I wanted to have a good one to frame and hang on the wall in our house.


We had a fun filled family weekend and holiday with our pups! We are spending our days making memories with these girls and each other. Thank you for joining us on our journey! We hope you all had a great holiday weekend!

Check out our Tail of Two Puppies Facebook Page for extra photos and videos from our weekend and others throughout the week until we make our next post! Before you go, enjoy some goofy pics of our pups!


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