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Busy bees

Hello again Tail of Two Puppies readers! We apologize for another long hiatus from posts and pictures but we have been busy bee’s recently. Since our last post a lot has changed and we have had a lot of memorable life events.

First, Ian and I went on our first real vacation together to Key West! It was amazing, we fell in love with Key West and can’t wait to go back. We saw all the big tourist attractions and landmarks, relaxed by/in the pool and on the beach, and most importantly WE GOT ENGAGED! We missed our puppies but they were in good hands, our friend Marina and her son stayed at our house and watched the pups and they had a great time! We were excited to get home to them and tell them that daddy and mommy were getting married.

I also want to introduce you to my other dog real quick (my family dog that lives with my parents) my baby girl Rowdy. She was very excited about our engagement. I am headed home for my sisters graduation next week so you may see/hear more about Rowdy in the next post.


Two days after we got back from Key West, my family came to town for a week. In that week we celebrated our engagement, my graduation from USF with my masters degree, my cousins first communion, and Ian’s birthday, like I said we have been busy. With all the visitors, Lexi and Aurora got lots of extra love and attention (and of course treats) from Nanny, Pops, and Aunt Jo. Aunt Jo enjoyed cuddle time the most. Rowdy even joined in on the celebration by writing me a note and having Aunt Mel send me a picture of it!

Not only did they get to see all of their family, but we got to explore a new dog park. We stayed at my grandparents in Pasco County for a few days so we decided to explore Meadows Dog Park in New Port Richey, Florida. The dog park had huge fenced in areas for the dogs to run. There is an initial fenced in area with a water fountain and a hose before you go into the small and large dog areas. Both areas are large, but the large dog area is bigger. The areas are mostly sand with a little grass. Inside there are pools, benches, trees, balls, etc. The only issue with the pools is that the area near them is muddy. Miss Aurora was very interested in getting muddy. We had a hard time keeping her out of there. There was also an agility area, but that area was separate from the fenced in area and was not fenced in itself which was surprising to us. Overall, since there are not many dog parks in the Hudson/New Port Richey area, this dog park meets the basic needs of a dog park. We like the large areas and ability to get the dogs water and hose them off before leaving. The park is in a development so you may miss it like we did.

A lot happened in our break from posting and our lives are getting a bit crazier with wedding planning, but stay tuned for another post to see what our pups are up to. Check out our Tail of Two Puppies Facebook Page for pictures and videos of Lexi and Aurora before our next post. Let us know if there is anything you want us to write about in our posts and we will do our best to make it happen!


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